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Providing attainable and dependable EEG services to patients in the 

comfort of their home as well as healthcare facilities

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Routine EEGs

Ambulatory EEGs

Bright Minds and Caring Hearts

One of the Best in the Tri-State Area

At NeuWavez EEG, we perform ambulatory, routine, sleep-deprived, and other EEG tests. We have a team of professionals who are knowledgeable and will form connections with patients.

Our quality EEG monitoring is available for patients staying at medical facilities or in the comfort of their own homes.  

About NeuWavez EEG

We are a comprehensive EEG service company that’s based in New York City. Not only do we strive to provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, but we also aim to improve the life of our patients and their loved ones. We offer consistent positive patient experience to ensure that they’re satisfied with the care they receive.

We provide the latest diagnostic techniques for patients with seizure disorders regardless if they’re in their homes or staying in a facility. Our company has a team of registered video electroencephalogram technologists (R.EEG T), epilepsy doctors, and highly qualified billing/coding specialists. Additionally, we offer consultations for the following:

Physical Therapy

Sports Medicine


Neurology and Neurosurgery


We aim to provide attainable, dependable and economical EEG services to patients in the comfort of their home as well as in healthcare facilities.


Our hope is to expand our services that will not only benefit us, but also the neurodiagnostic field. We will soon become a training and clinical site for newly certified students.

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